Cuddling in Freezing Temperatures, Newborn Calf and Border Collie Become Adorable Best Friends

No matter how you measure it—minus 50° Celcius or minus 58° Fahrenheit—it’s a temperature frigid enough to give someone frostbite just thinking about it.

While it wasn’t a fit night out for man nor beast, that’s what the thermometer read on a Saskatchewan farm when a calf that couldn’t wait ’til the weather warmed up recently decided to make its natal debut.

Bonnie Potoroka had gone out to check up on her pregnant heifer (ironically named Summer), only to find the cow’s newborn progeny had arrived ahead of schedule and was already in danger from the elements.

“It just wasn’t warm enough,” Potoroka told CBC News. “A baby is wet when it’s born, and she was already getting cold and her ears were starting to freeze, so I took her to the heated shop and that’s where she stayed.”

Along with the heater, the as-yet-to-be-named girl calf has been getting an extremely warm reception from Potoroka’s Collie, Mickey. In fact, when the baby isn’t in the barn with her mom, the pair are pretty much inseparable.

Baby cows, like baby humans, spend a lot of time sleeping. “She’ll lay down on the rug and he’ll come next to her and lay down beside her. They usually just sleep together,” Potoroka told CBC.

If the bond will continue as the calf grows older is anyone’s guess, but since it’s the first time Mickey has made such friendly overtures to his farm-mates, Potoroka thinks the relationship might just turn out to be a long-lasting one.

For now, the adorable pair seem over the moooon just sharing each other’s company. If you’d like to see more photos of the fast friends? Just head to Bonnie’s Instagram.